Hide And Seek Buildbox 3D Game

Hide And Seek Buildbox 3D Game

- Application Name: Hide & Seek

- Category: Puzzle/Adventure

Hide and seek is a puzzle game, the game is built with Buildbox 3D, is easy to add levels, change timer, update graphics all explained in the documentation also you can add AdMob or IronSource ads or also custom ads

The mechanic of Gameplay: Hide and seek is a puzzle timer game, you have time to find other players if timeout you lose if you find all you can move to the next level. - You can add Facebook Analytics with Buildbox easy - Simple to Resking - Trending game - Export To Ios Or Android

- Created with Buildbox 3.2.1 PRO (Any previous version will not run this Template! )

You get bbdoc and documentation file , Any questions you can reach us at badr1gfx10@gmail.com

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Created 2020-05-06 18:13:56
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