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What Is Bossfunnels ? Boss funnels is a smart drag and drop funnel builder with all the features that clickfunnels, leadpages, etc. have! But there’s even more… Bossfunnels creates VIRAL funnels, so you can build massive lists and get extreme amounts of traffic.

BOSSFUNNELS is also give you a detailed newbie-friendly training designed to walk students through 8 extremely profitable funnels to help increase results for; building an email marketing list, selling low-to-mid ticket products (including affiliate products), increasing webinar registrations, increasing leads for offline businesses, selling mega-ticket ($5,000+) programs, launching a product, and more.

Deciding to “BossFunnels” your business means discarding with the old “build-a-website-and-get-traffic” model and instead focus your attention on the only aspects of your business that get more sales and more leads…

BOSSFUNNELS includes detailed case studies showing your tribe how Billy Darr has built these funnels to multiple 4, 5, and 6 figure sales machines. All while starting with the same tools any beginner has immediate access to.

Beginner marketers will find incredible value in the funnels teaching how to grow and monetize your list, while advanced business owners will see high-ticket funnels breakdown to get, increase, and sustain long-term sales.

BOSSFUNNELS includes over 30 videos, PDFs, cheatsheets, group support, and more explaining WHY these funnels work, HOW your tribe can create them for themselves, WHAT to do with them once they’ve created one, and WHERE to deploy them for maximum engagement and subscribers.

The creators explain free traffic strategies from a beginners perspective, paid traffic from an intermediate perspective, and advanced retargeting traffic strategies. So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this BossFunnels Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

500 Copies BossFunnels Been Sold.

What will you get inside BossFunnels?

Everything you need to get free viral traffic & sales is included! They give you the farm & more…

  • New bossfunnels cloud software: brand new first-of-its-kind beginner friendly software lets you instantly deploy 100% done-for-you funnels for free viral traffic & sales in 60 seconds.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials: The included video training teaches you how to make sure the done-for-you funnels effortlessly produce traffic, leads and sales for you.
  • Quick start guide: if you don’t like going through video’s don’t worry, they have you covered with a quick start guide that just shows you how to fire up bossfunnels to get free traffic & sales pouring in, in 60 seconds or less.

Let’s take a look at why bossfunnels is better than all the other funnel builders you bought before!

  • Development Took 12 Months & $10,000+
  • 100+ Beta Testers Tested It, To Ensure It’s Perfect For You
  • All Funnel Builders Are Monthly, BossFunnels Is A 1-Time Price
  • Comes Complete With Thorough Video Training
  • Includes More Than 30+ Beautiful, Customizable Templates
  • Preloaded With Ready-To-Use Products
  • Built-In Funnels That Are Ready To Make You Sales!
  • 1-Click Traffic Feature To Get You Real FREE Viral Traffic
  • Completely Customizable Or Just Click, Select & Enjoy Traffic & Sales

BossFunnel Module 1 — Detailed Introduction & Overview

BossFunnel Module 2 — BossFunnels 101

  • Why use a funnel at all, and how does a funnel actually work?
  • Tools required to setup your funnel successfully
  • Introduction to creating an awesome lead magnet

BossFunnel Module 3 — The Perfect Lead Magnet

  • Forget all of those other “just grab some PLR” trainings you’ve seen, this is the most detailed lead magnet training outside of private coaching…
  • How to identify the core problems of your audience including 3 “classroom style” activities
  • How to craft a perfect headline and title of your lead magnet
  • How to assemble your lead magnet correctly and easily

BossFunnel Module 4 — The Funnel Gateway

  • The MOST important funnel you will create; converting traffic into email subscribers
  • Walkthrough of the 2 pages of this incredibly important funnel

BossFunnel Module 5 — The Tripwire Funnel

  • Detailed funnel map explaining the tripwire funnel and how JayKay uses it to get, basically, free advertising from Facebook
  • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of products required to make this funnel profitable
  • Case study walkthrough of his own tripwire funnel

BossFunnel Module 6 — The Webinar Funnel

  • Complete funnel map and explanation of the webinar funnel; including how to get cheap webinar registrations and increasing the show-up rate to webinars.
  • Cheatsheet explaining the use and value of the webinar funnel and when to deploy it, and what the value of products should be to keep the funnel profitable.
  • Case study walkthrough of his own webinar funnel

BossFunnel Module 7 — The Launch Funnel

  • Funnel map explanation and step-by-step lecture on the launch funnel created by Jeff Walker
  • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of products required to make this funnel profitable
  • Case study walkthrough of a $225,000 launch without using affiliates

BossFunnel Module 8 — The Affiliate Funnel

  • Detailed funnel map explaining the affiliate funnel and how JayKay has leveraged it to get insane conversion rates and sales numbers from a small list.
  • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of products required to make this funnel profitable
  • Case study of his own affiliate funnel where he made $4,500 in 7 days using this exact approach.

BossFunnel Module 9 — The Mega-Ticket Funnel

  • Detailed funnel map explaining the mega-ticket funnel and how JayKay uses it to close coaching students for $5,000 programs or more

BossFunnel Module 10 — The Offline Client Funnel

  • Detailed funnel map explaining the offline client funnel and how JayKay has used this to create a simple 2-page funnel for his offline clients that gets excellent results for their brick n’mortar businesses. *this is not a funnel showing how to GET clients. It’s a funnel to show how to service them after you get them. JayKay explains in the videos that the Tripwire/Webinar funnels are best for actually signing up new clients.
  • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of type of client this funnel works best for.
  • Case study walkthrough of the offline client funnel he is using with a physiotherapist client of mine.

BossFunnel Module 11 — The Tagging Funnel

  • Detailed funnel map explaining the tagging funnel and how the author uses it to segment a large audience to different optin pages more suited to their needs.
  • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and why you should segment your leads.
  • Case study walkthrough of his own tagging funnel

BossFunnel Module 12 — Retargeting Training

  • Complete overview of the power of retargeting, how it works, why you should do it, and a simple ‘case study’ style example showing that adding retargeting can more than 6x your revenue!
  • How to install the Facebook Pixel & Google Tag Manager
  • How to create Facebook custom audiences
  • How to create remarketing audiences in Google Adwords
  • Simple blueprint for Facebook retargeting ads
  • Simple blueprint for Google retargeting ads using the Google Display Network

BossFunnel Module 13 — Email Marketing Training

  • Email marketing is an important messaging channel for your funnels to work correctly, in this module the author will show you the 3 types of emails you will need to learn to effective market to your leads via their inbox.
  • The “first kiss” email which is a revamped permission marketing approach to the old 90’s style confirmation email
  • The “dating sequence” is a nurture-your-leads style training to help increase trust and rapport with your audience
  • Finally, there is a general training to explain some of more fundamental emails used inside a funnel.


  • The action-takers blueprint; an extensive video showing you a detailed video checklist of all the moving parts to check before deploying any of the funnels taught inside the course
  • Mastermind group access via Facebook
  • Email marketing templates

Honest BossFunnels Review: Is it worth your money?

If you’re searching for a ready-made get paid solution, then I may just have found the one. This money maker has been one of the most successful software used by a small inner circle this year.

Why the heck would you work for someone else, when you can spend just minutes per day earning from this exact method? It is the easiest way that anyone can start earning a comfortable living from home.

I’ve never seen anything like this before! It is a method that allows you to instantly tap into to get FREE traffic & sales in as little as 60 seconds. Without a funnel in your business you’re taking a shotgun approach and just “hoping” you get sales. BossFunnels helps you solve this problem.

Let’s take a look at how using just 1 massively simple funnel can cause huge growth for you:

  • Significant Increase in Sales — Even if you’ve never made a sale before!
  • Automation from your first page of your funnel to your last
  • ROI like you’ve never experienced with old-school “shotgun” marketing
  • Brand Awareness if you’re a coach or consultant, be everywhere your customers are
  • Recurring Revenue from testing a funnel once, and continuing to send more traffic to it

Don’t forget, Funnels aren’t just for sales… Do you have a YouTube channel? A Facebook group? A Membership site? A Software? Funnels are great for getting more of what whatever is going to move your business forward. Whatever a lead looks like for, or however you see value in your business, a funnel can help you get there…

With BossFunnels, you’ll work whenever you want, for as long as you like. You’re in complete control. I just got off a call with an old partner, who revealed he’s having great success with Billy’s new software.

Today you’re getting access to an awesome machine to earn consistent sales every week. If you’ve been struggling to find a quick-start strategy for making your first profits online, you’ll love this!

There’s nothing better than having a one click software that chucks out commissions like clockwork.

Here are 4 reasons why you absolutely must grab BossFunnels now!

  • This system Will Not Be Available Forever! The author has Previously Only Taught This Inside his Private Coaching Groups
  • You Can Start Off As Basic Or Advanced As You Like
  • You Get Unparalleled Transparency as He Walks You Through His Own Funnels
  • The Price is Rising Every Few Hours!

BossFunnel Pricing

For a limited time, you can grab BossFunnels with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

  • Front End: BossFunnels — Funnel Builder — $17

The FE Edition comes with the 1-click, done-for-you funnel builder software, step-by-step tutorials and case study. It will easily let you deploy ready-to-use fully customizable funnels all at a 1-time price.

BossFunnel OTO 1: Unlimited Edition — $39

The Unlimited Edition of Bossfunnels has unlimited funnels, unlimited usage, unlimited traffic and sales. It also comes with additional tutorials.

BossFunnel OTO 2: Automation Edition — $39

The Automation Edition of Bossfunnels lets your customers unlock the additional traffic features for even more free viral traffic.

BossFunnel OTO 3: Done-For-You Edition — $197

In this upgrade our team aims to deliver Done-For-You traffic and Sales for your customers.

BossFunnel OTO 4: Reseller Edition — $39

The Reseller edition gives customers the rights to sell the products throughout the funnel and keep 100% of the profits.

As you know our funnel contains professional high grade sales copy, well engineered killer animated VSL’s throughout and no expense Is spared.

They basically get their hands on the same funnel that would cost them $3,000 to build but they can get it for just $39.

BossFunnel OTO 5: Luxury Edition — $197

Customer experience a very individual custom funnel setup experience. Now we actually set up a funnel for customers on their hosting, with their accounts so they can build a list and make money.

Not only is the funnel completely set up for them, but we also include autoresponder integration, squeeze page setup, follow up emails added and additional traffic tutorials.

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