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welcome to this KashZPresso Review. Now KashZPresso is a new tool that has just come out that is going to help you to utilize the power of PDFs or lead magnets or you know if you’ve written a book or if you’re selling other people’s books or you have access to public label rights PDFs it’s gonna enable you to utilize them in order to grow your email list massively so you might be thinking well how does that work so today we’re going to take a deep dive into it I’m going to show you exactly how it works but more importantly I’m going to show you how you can utilize it with a bunch of other tools to ensure that you’re able to use it and get your money back and essentially make money online with it so before we enter that drop a like on this blog hit shear and ten on that subscribe newsletter if you want to be updated with new products coming out like this that are going to help you to make money online.

KashZPresso what vendor website so what that means is if you click on any of these green buttons here what it will do is lock in all of these extra tools before then sending you offto the KashZPresso websites and if you do decide to purchase you’ll not only get KashZPresso also going to get all these extra tools thrown in with it in a big bundle that you can access immediately and start taking action immediately the first bonus I’ve got view is an all-encompassing bonus so for me I think KashZPresso is a tool that you can utilize in order to grow an email list and then probably utilize affiliate marketing I think it would be a great addition to an affiliate marketing business so this tool I’ve thrown in is my own personal premium affiliate marketing and blog creation training usually you know I’ve sold this but I decided you know look a lot of people ask me for the fundamental training this is a small course it’s a three video long course based on an idea that I created called create engage and capture which is what I feel of the three major points of creating a business online using blogging using affiliate marketing and you usually using or utilizing a tool like KashZPresso.

I’ve gotten few is another exclusive product of mine this is a book that I wrote earlier this year called the 30 minute purpose business and this goes into really tracking the footsteps of what I did and how I’ve made money online and telling you exactly how I’ve done it so I often talk about a couple of main staple ways to make money online this eCommerce there’s affiliate marketing and blogging and there’s coaching consulting or service providing or social media marketing agency all of those kind of things that one umbrella so this goes into how I did everyone all the tools you need the steps you need to take from step one to step you know the last step it’s got everything on there from how to make money with each of those may just staple ways to make money online as well as other things like scripts sales scripts how to do high ticket selling and coaching how it’s got contracts in there as well that you can use send to people it’s got everything you need in order to start a business today in any one of those main staple ways.

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so I thought to throw that in that’s the first time I’m giving this away this book goes on 24 $23 on Amazon you can get it for free bonus number three I’ve gotten for you is basically going into traffic so if you’re using a tool like KashZPresso you’re probably going to be thinking well okay I can create apage I’ve got my PDFs how do I get people to visit it so traffic is probably the biggest milestone the biggest hurdle people reach when they’retrying you know sell something or utilize a product it’s like well how doI get that people to actually see it and use it so you know I can make money from it this goes into how to get traffic from all over the web from web 2.0 social media to read it to blogs to question-answer forums and everywhere in between bonus number four builds upon that so I’ve gotten you to WordPress plugins one is biz landing page and one is list up and these are going to help you to create those landing pages so if you’re say for example utilizing Facebook groups and giving value in a niche group and maybe you drop your link and you send people through to a wordpress site that you have which has a landing page people click on the PDF or lead magnet that you’re supplying they download it they open it upKasich’s cache deep reso is activated they’re putting in the email address soat least even if you don’t make a sale at least you’re capturing the email address of potential buyer.

Traffic with KashZPresso you can also put incentives where they also get their friends email addresses they can get something extra so you just exponentially gathering email addresses on autopilot even if you’re not getting buyers later on you can pitch other things to that list the money is made in the list everybody says it it’s an old saying so it’s important that you have a tool like this that you can put in conjunction with KashZPresso at least if you’re not making sales you are getting an email bonus number five is the vendor has hooked me up with their vendor bonus vault and it’s everything that you see right here so pause your screen check out the descriptions you can see what they are and these bonuses will all be available inside the dashboard if you do get KashZPressoso landing page creator profit plugins we’ve got case studies we’ve got unique content generator we’ve got make money as a better tester digital product business blueprint a wider product wide range of products there that all have the ability to help you profit even more on top of using a tool like Cassitypreser.

so if that all sounds good to you it’s step one link in the description you’ll go to the bonus page lock in the bonuses with these green buttons that will send you off to the KashZPresso vendor website go through their website in your own free time there are testimonials demos a little bit more on features and functionality make a more informed decision of course and if you do decide to purchase it you’ll be sent a digital receipt which looks like this under the green button KashZPresso under the blue button all the bonuses all the tools I just talked about my emails here we have any problems I’ll keep you on this countdown timer because everything the bonuses the tools are all dependent on this countdown timer including some discounts that may get activated as well when you click these green buttons so make an informed but basically the sooner you get in the more you’re gonna get for the lower price so don’t procrastinate for too long all right so without further ado let’s take a look inside KashZPresso.

let’s see how it works wanted to open this awesome PDF lib book but ended up joining a mailing list and sent three more people as referral to the mailing list so here’s what happened the person saw this opt-in pop-up when they tried to open the PDF flip book and ended up signing up using name and email address and immediately saw a message than if he refers three more people then he will get an awesome a bigger gift or reward and he copied the link and shared with three more people and referred three more people to the mailing list so this is how the KashZPresso system works and now I’m going to show you how it all happened account automatically but in my case I’m just creating a new account using a registration page first I will go to the autoresponder section select a Weber and integrate a weber in just one click authorization code and select the mailing list from the drop-down list then switch on the campaign update button to update then I will go to the settings under traffic section and set up my campaign using short codes and easy to fill forms and I will decide how many referrals required for a bigger gift let’s say we set three referrals in this campaign now we’ll quickly set the email the winners will get when they send three referrals I will go to the flip book section and add a new flip book in their name upload the PDF file from my hard drive at the lead capture form title and click the button add now click the config button next to the campaign click preview and boom this is the document and here is the opt-in form on the document I’m signing up using my name and email address and hit submit and boom not only I joined the mailing list but also I got this notification saying thanks for subscribing here is your reference please.

refer three people to get a bigger gift look I received an email it says exactly as settings now I’m going to the flip book order report that I subscribe for and here is how it looks it flips super awesome right it’s beautiful quickly went through and referred 3 people using incognito mode and boom look I received the email that a new gift has been revealed super awesome right so every visitors bring in new visitors with referral for a better gift and when they do everybody joins the mailing list super awesome right that’s how it works all right I hope you enjoyed that demo hope you’re looking forward to getting your hands on KashZPresso and all those other tools and putting them into action and making them work and finally you know making some money online now really quick before we close out the video if you go through the link in the description I’ve got a little bit of a right up here more specifically what is an offer with the pricing so the front end only 19 dollars during launch and you do only need the front end to get access to all the tools and to put what I talked about earlier into practice.

But if you want the upsell there’s addone-for-you offer as well where they really you know the creator’s behind KashZPresso really do all the work for you and hand you an already completed sort of product so you can do that as well done for you traffic is gonna have a bit of extra functionality as far as getting traffic goes because they like I told you before they know traffic is one of the hardest milestones to get over there’s a reseller option where you can resell to other people if you have a V a or if you want to offer the KashZPresso the functionality as your own product or as part of an extra service in your company maybe you’re an agency you can get that and then the white label is you can sell it completely as your own products if you believe in itin that way so there are multiple ways you can make money with this product whether you’re using it for its functionality or you’re selling it on yourself everybody’s different everybody’s gonna want a different kind of version everybody’s at different stages but I just don’t .

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want you to be surprised as you go through the buying process these will all be offered to you so figure out which one is right for you if you do have any questions drop them in the comments hit me up on social media my emails okay – I do reply to everybody and if not enjoy – deep reso hope you love all those extra tools I’ve gotten for you and I’ll catch you again next time take care

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