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Hey, it’s Will Weatherly here and welcome to my profit product creator review so what I’d like to do in this review is Have a quick look at my written review Here head on into the members area show you around there and then return here to my blog Look at the upgrades as well as the bonuses that I’ve put together for those of you who pick up Profit product creator through my link now. 

I have some custom bonuses here that I’ve never released before These are strategies that I’m working on currently that I think are going to help you enormous Lee with profit product creator First I want to give you an idea about what this new app is all about It’s being brought to market by Glen Coski and goes live May 29th at 9:00 a.m EST and it’s a way that you’re going to be able to create digital information products ebooks PDFs and reports and so what you’re going to do is Be able to pull from a database of over 250,000 premium articles you can take text from any of these articles and then paste them into the software to create your ebook now we’re going to See how all of this works once we go inside the app itself so this is a really great tool because Being able to create ebooks and being able to have this kind of content on Demand like this is a really powerful thing to have in your online marketing arsenal So let’s go ahead and have it look inside the members area to see how this works.

 Okay so when you land here you’re going to be on the dashboard and This is going to give you all of the data that you need and it’s going to show you your ebooks your landing pages your covers and your Licenses to get this introduction video here what you’re going to want to watch and then you’re going to want to go into the training Over here and when you click on that you’re going to get training on Creating products creating your Ecover and then also on the upgrades over here So that will give you an idea about what to do now Once you’ve done go to the training then you can go ahead and click here where it says create products And you’re going to have the options here of creating it from scratch creating it manually or to use the database of 250,000 different articles.

 So let’s go ahead and click where it says database Ok, so what you’re going to do here is you’re going to enter a keyword let’s say I’ve got some here Let’s go ahead and put affiliate marketing Repository you can choose between PLR repository bcs repository or my collections Let’s go ahead with PLR repository and then you’re going to want to choose a keyword which can be any keyword all keywords or exact phrase let’s go ahead and click on exact phrase and Then we can select the amount that we want. 

So let’s go ahead with 25 and then click find So once we have the articles here we’re going to click the ones that we want so let’s go ahead and let’s say we want to Choose this one right here, which says affiliate marketing. Do you have what it takes go ahead and click that and Then go through here and then click the ones that you want So let’s say this one here how to choose the right affiliate marketing program Common problem Okay, so once you’ve chosen the articles that you want for your ebook Then you go down here to where it says create and then click on create And then what you do is go ahead and customize it however you’d like so what you can do is Where it says text you can put a call to action here and then you can put an affiliate link For the offer that you’re promoting or it could be a landing page or an affiliate link and then just put the call to action There click here to learn more about how you can Double your income with this affiliate marketing program or whatever it is. 

So then you can go ahead and put some more CTA Settings here for call to action for the different affiliate Links that you have and then you’re going to have all of the chapters here down below as you can see these are some of the Articles that I’ve chosen and then you can also rearrange these as you’d like as well. So if you want a chapter Chapter 4 to become chapter 2 that becomes that’s very easy to do and you can go ahead and arrange them how you’d like so now what I’d like to do is head back to my blog and look at the upgrades as well as the Bonuses that I’ve put together for those of you who pick up profit product creator through my link Okay. 

OTO number one is the unlimited version and here you’re going to be able to create unlimited funnels create unlimited Landing pages you’re also going to get additional landing page templates in graphics. OTO number two is Being able to add your autoresponder info and affiliate links You’re also going to get a set of proven to convert Done-for-you marketing materials Oh to number three is unlimited traffic and here you can be able to put a remarketing pixel On the vendor sales pages which get a lot of traffic o to number 430 K in 30 days and here you’re going to get conversion boosting tools o to number five super affiliate version and here you can mimic the success of a six-figure super affiliate and then OTO number six are the License rights, which is going to enable you to sell Profit product creator as if it were your own product getting 100 sent across the entire funnel now as for my custom bonuses my bonus number one is Using ebooks to cover your ad spend and profit and this is a new strategy that I’ve been testing. It’s working really really well. 

So When you pick this up You’re going to learn a very special strategy for doing this and I’m not going to give it away here, but there are certain aspects to this that will give you a real edge over others because There are some conversion mechanisms here that are pretty underground and that will definitely give you an edge using this strategy and then my bonus number two are I’m going to reveal the two traffic sources that I’m using for this particular strategy and then Bonus number 3 is urgency Suites Pro, which is a tool. Actually you will want to use with this particular strategy and So that’s something that you’re going to want to get I’m going to give it to you as a free bonus when you pick up profit product creator, I believe this goes for 13 dollars and then bonus number for advanced content creation strategies and in this bonus I’m going to reveal the exact strategies how I create content, which I use both for bonuses and full-blown courses and some of these Strategies were taught to me by top internet marketers, which I paid a lot of money to learn about bonus number five spinner and web 2.0 strategy that I’ve been using for a while now and this is really really helped me quite a bit and I’m going to share this with you how you can use both spinner for creating blogs on web 2.0 or creating content on web 2.0 Bonus number six how to set up a wordpress site a landing page builder and where to get landing page Builders for seven dollars.

 This is not something you need for profit product creator since its hosted for you However, this will give you some advanced techniques that as you progress in your marketing. You will want to use Bonus number seven how I got to twenty-five plus sales on warrior plus and jvzoo I’ve been stuck on both platforms at about three sales and I didn’t really know what to do. And I’m gonna Reveal the strategies that enabled me to move past Those low levels of sales because once you get to twenty five sales You’re going to be able to get review access and approved for product launches bonus number eight ultimate vault of high converting swipes These are split tested emails that you can use to tailor for any niche I’m also adding 500 plus emails for this particular bonus and then bonus number nine is Seven-figure Dewar’s ultimate resources for online marketing. 

This is freely available on the web, but it’s difficult to find and I’m going to Give this to you as he gives it to you but not a lot of people know where it exists and then bonus number 10 the best ebook covers to create now with profit product creator you’re going to get an e-book creator, but the Quality of the ebooks you create are going to be based on how good you are at designing them And I’m not very good at design and ebooks So I always outsource this and I’m going to show you where I get amazing ebook covers done. 

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Very very cheap So if you’re not into graphic design and doing that your own design for e-books Then this is going to help you a lot. Now. You’re also going to get these additional premium bonuses 300 CPA everyday 500 CPA everyday CPA coffee-shop method 200 cash hack – Kay a CPA traffic jacker $250 cash magnet the commission glitch six-figure influx million dollar toolbox overnight commissions commission toolbox pure profit paid a $100 cpa daily commission profit hack instant traffic jacker commission magnet the commission blueprint and affiliate traffic lab so all of these bonuses Will be waiting for you when you pick up profit product creator through my link So if you’re on my blog, what you can do is go ahead and click the button. 

That isn’t here yet, but will be and you can go ahead and Click where it says click here to get profit product creator and all relevant bonuses That’s gonna take you to the sales page and then when you check out all of my bonuses, we’ll be waiting for you There’s going to be another button down here as well. So If you were on YouTube You can go ahead and click the link in the description That’s going to take you to the sales page And then when you check out all of my bonuses, we’ll be waiting for you inside the warrior Plus checkout area So I want to thank you for watching this profit product creator review. I look forward to seeing you in the next review.

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