Shopzpresso review, Can it Alternative of Shopify, Envato, and Clickbank?


hay every one today I’m going to do a review of ShopZPresso a product from Mosh Bari that is scheduled to launch on Friday May 15th on Warrior Plus now I’m gonna take you inside shop suppress oh so you can see everything that you get I want to point out some of the positives as well as some of the negatives and then ultimately I’m going to give you my personal opinion on whether or not you should pick up this product so sticka round ShopZPresso says it’s your three-in-one online megastore comparing itself to the heavy hitters like Shopify Envato and Clickbank now that’s a bold statement as these companies have been around for a long time and have a proven track record of success. ShopZPresso is only nineteen dollars at the time of launch this is for the front end product now that price may increase post-launch so be aware of that and also in my video I’m gonna go over the upsells.

So you’re aware of the total cost of ownership for ShopZPressoso what you need to decide for yourself is whether or not this product is more sizzle than steak speaking of sizzle this is what a ShopZPresso store will look like ok this is a sample store as you can tell it looks really nice every thing is well laid out ok and it does it like one of those mega stores that you see online ok now let’s head into the dashboard now this is the dashboard when you log in this is what you’re going to be using to manage your business ok so you know this dashboard here is clean colorful gives looks like it gives you a lot of the pertinent information you need to give you a snapshot of your business ok the health of your business all right now.

Store Look – Redye to go store for sale your products

when it comes to customizing your business ok so here’s all the different things that you can do to customize it ok these are all the settings I’m not going to go through all them I’m going to go through the ones that are pertinent ok at a higher level now in terms of your products ok we’ll go through this one because of course you got to have products in your store now you have three choices you have physical products digital products and licensing so this is where they’re comparing themselves to Shopify Envato and to Clickbank okay now when you let’s dive in here to the physical product section when you add in your physical product you can see that you know it gives you all the the general information that you need.

Now let’s go through this I I’ve been the Amazon seller for four and a half years so I’m pretty knowledgeable about about Amazon you know you’re gonna be entering your product name your SKU which is like aUPC code okay you can do product conditions so in your use you can choose a category which is nice because you want to keep your store organized okay you can do subcategories and child categories so this is kind of similar in that sense all right you can have a featured image so you upload your image here one of the things that I notice and this is this might be you know nit picky but I like these little details you know that some of the other platforms provided they give you the the dimensions specific dimensions as well as the resolution of the photo so you want to keep a consistent look to your store and you know I don’t see that here so that’s something you would have to reach out to their support in order to get that information in terms of a gallery you can set up a gallery which is nice you can have multiple product mages so you can do different types of variations here cross selling products is just is nice to see because this will allow you to upsell people right.

So someone if you if you look at Amazon you buy a product you you you add it to your cart and immediately Amazon says hey if you like this product then other people who bought this product also bought this so it’s it’s a great way to upsell people in terms of products okay so here’s your price okay current price and previous price on stock so you can tell how many units you have left now again this one right here I don’t know if there’s any type of integration I did not see an integration with any type of stock you know apps so for instance if you have a physical product let’s say you’re making your own product and you’re storing it at a warehouse near you you know where areyou gonna where are you gonna know how much stock you have left.

right at least within Amazon I knew exactly how much stock I had left so that I could order more now even if your drop shipping right the drop shipper may run out of specific product and if you don’t know that they’re running out of the product then if somebody orders that product and there’s like a four-week turnaround time that could definitely do some trouble you’re gonna get a refund right there okay you know a bunch of other things here you know your description your your buy and return policy you know YouTube video URL which is nice because you can feature a video about your product you know I don’t see any level of customization in terms of using other platforms like like Vimeo or maybe if you host self host right maybe if you host it on Amazon s3 I don’t seet hat level of customization.

But again you know this is a $19 a one-time fee product okay so you can’t really expect much in terms of you know these deeper integrations in terms of these deeper feature customization is okay now cross-selling relations this is the the feature that I was talking about where they’re gonna add or feature other products that are related to yours once it’s added to the cart so let me just show you how that works on this website here okay so let’s say this is your site and you see this coolcar here and you’re gonna add it to the cart I want to show you how that works you add to the cart and immediately you have three other products featured okay and if you added more you would just basically click on this to scroll over to see more products okay and that’s gonna help increase the amount of of the sell in terms of coupons one thing that I’m not sure you’re able to do.

when I looked at this coupon section here is that you know first of all you’re gonna choose between discount on percentage and amount okay you’re gonna choose quantity whether it’s unlimited or limited so I’m not sure if this is unlimited coupons that you’re gonna be given out and limited coupons or if this is limited to the quantity of the product that they’re buying so there’s no clarification here so that’s something that you would have to reach out to support to to get clarification on so there’s a start date and end date you can create your coupon now this is a very basic coupon structure okay coming from the Amazon world I was able to have Amazon generate single-use coupon code so kay I was able to bundle certain things together to give them a discount so again there’s kind of a different you’re different you’re dealing with a different level when it comes to building your store armed and you know I did not see an area where you can add that coupon or have that coupon specifically for a product okay on that.

coupon when you create it is going to be I think universal it’s going to go across all of your products okay okay now let’s take a look at the email settings and you see our email template I guess you can create your own different email templates that you can use email configurations see if they support multiple email platforms here so mail engine looks like it’s SMTP and send mail so it doesn’t look like it supports any other type of email platform I guess you’re using this to send out the emails you’re not using like an email auto responder so that’s something else to consider you know you either have send mail or you have SMTP let’s go ahead and take a look at payment settings so this is where you going to set up your payment information now this is you know this is nice to see that they have a bunch of different integration so with stripe PayPal instamojo we got pay stack Paytm you know Molly payment they’ve got a bunch of different ones some of it I have never even heard of before which is kind of cool and then you can also do fixed commissions and percentage Commission’s for your vendors okay.

so you can see there’s a lot of integration there in terms of the SEO tools okay so in terms of SEO you can see the popular products that are being that people are clicking on okay you can see how many clicks you have on there also you have the ability to add in your Google Analytics script which is good too you can you can track that and your website meta keywords okay this does not really affect SEO in terms of the the search engine results page so the SERPs basically meta keywords aren’t that relevant in terms of SEO they help with conversion however it’s not going to this is not going to help get you ranked number one okay so that’s that’s gonna be a whole other I guess a whole other challenge for you in terms of driving traffic explain that a little bit later as it relates to the other platforms that.

shopso preso is comparing themselves to okay you also have once you start growing youcan manage a staff so you can have you can add new staff in here and you can select a role for them okay and let’s see here I wanted to take a look at the blog okay so here’s the blog this is where you’re going to be you’re going to be able to create categories in your blog okay so very similar to that when you’re writing a blog let’s say on WordPress when we come to the posts I think this is where you’re gonna see that you’re going to be limited okay so let’s add a new post here so you can select a category so let’s say technology and you’re gonna write your title you’re gonna have your feature in image again it does not tell you what the size is the correct size should be okay you’re gonna write your description and you’re gonna allow blog SEO so again meta tags and meta description are not going to matter in terms of overall SEOin terms of the SERPs okay it’s gonna matter in terms of when someone sees your link whether or not they they click on it this is not gonna help you get to number one.

So that’s a that’s something you’re gonna be having to dois be able to get that traffic to your site okay so this is how you’re gonna create your post it’s very limited I think it’s gonna be very difficult to customize each post like you would let’s say I’m using WordPress or any of the other builders like like Divi or thrive where you can actually go in there and you can drag and drop and create your own blog that way okay but again it’s$19 so you can’t really expect a whole lot so let’s go ahead and take a look atthe sales page and see if what we’ve been looking at is comparable to what’son the sales page okay now one thing I want to take a look at first of all is what they’re comparing themselves to okay so they’re saying that you know we’re going to compare ourselves to Shopify, Envato and Clickbank okay now when it comes to Shopify they’re saying that Shopify charges anywhere from 29 to$199 per okay there’s a reason behind that ,

okay Shopify is one of the most well known eCommerce platforms out there and they charge a monthly fee because they’re they provide you with a lot of features okay it’s an all-in-one eCommerce solution okay there’s a lot of customization involved they’ve got a lot of plugins a lot of apps that you can add in there that’s really gonna help your business okay so you know there’s a reason why and you know because they’re charging a monthly a monthly fee that you’re gonna you’re gonna be able to you know take advantage of any updates you know with any type of integration there’s always going to be updates and if you’re paying $19 flat fee for shop supress oh are you gonna get that those updates right because you’re paying for it how long is this going to be supported all right and one of the other things that I noticed when you speak of support when I come into shops of press so you know I didn’t see anywhere that they have any type of support button like up here you know I can click on that that’s the your web page okay that we were looking at select that load case that’s your web page these are basically email notifications and conversation that you’re having I’m assuming with your vendors or with with maybe even customers this is gonna tell you about your your inventory okay this is going to show you this looks like probably more customer service oriented for you though and then right here is new orders that come in when you click on this arearight here this is your profile and your settings here I didn’t see anywhere inhere.

So the front end product is $19 and looks like they got one, two, three, four, five, six OTOs okay now I don’t know what these OTOs are I don’t know what the DFY done for you is unlimited I’m not sure what that applies to done for you traffic again they don’t really explain what these are and less profits I don’t know what that is being a reseller and a white labeler I don’t think that’s going to be important but again you know this you have to consider okay you’re going from a $19 product to something that’s well over a thousand dollars okay if you add all this stuff up okay well over a thousand so this is an investment okay if you’re looking at $1,000 over $1,000 for a one-time fee quote-unquote to have this platform it doesn’t really make sense to really shell out that level of cash right out of the gate right because you can do the same thing through you know through Shopify you can do the same thing through and bottle or through Clickbank and you can spend a lot less money be spending on these OTOs so that’s something you should consider I don’t know again I don’t know what these are so you’re really taking a chance when it comes to purchasing the the one-time offers now one of the things that Idefinitely want you to consider and read and understand is that you know the if there’s a guarantee okay this says that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee but I want to zoom in here because I want you to read this very carefully youk now they’re not gonna give you your money back this is not a 30-day money-back guarantee because it’s only related to technical issues okay so you know if they fail to resolve these issues they’ll give you a hundred percent of your money back okay it says technical issues only other than that all sales are final so really you need to understand that you know when you this product your your you’re going to be using it so you need to commit to doing it again but this is a new product so you don’t know how it’s going to be relative to the other products right you don’t know how the experience is going to be or the support is going to be as I shown you earlier there is doesn’t seem to be a way to contact support okay and you may get that information when you purchase the product but within the dashboard itself not having the ability to get training on certain aspects to contact support directly that’s not there that’s not built-in so that kind of is a red flag for me just because you know again for me support is gonna be important when you’re beginner and you’re in you’retrying or even if you’re experienced and you’re trying this platform for the first time you know navigating around it was difficult to me right there was alot of features there and navigating through it was difficult customizing itwas to me you know you could customize certain levels but again it was it was something where you couldn’t have that deeper customization feature that you can get with other platforms okay so again you know be aware okay that this 30-day money-back guarantee is not really a 30-day money-back guarantee. So what’s the verdict should you buy ShopZPresso or not.

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In my personal opinion if it were me I would not buy this product and I’m gonna tell you why.$19 is not a whole lot of money to spend I get it’s one time and you’re don eright but you have to consider when you’re building a business that you haveto think long term you want this business to be around and with that come support it comes comes updates right do you think this product when you pay a$19 is going to be around to support you are they gonna are they gonna give you updates six months, twelve months, two years, five years down the road do you think this is going to be around? You have to take that into consideration when you’re when you want to purchase a product like this secondly when you saw when I was in a dashboard there was no way for me to open up a ticket with support okay with the product creator there was no way for me to do that ther ewas no training okay so that’s a big miss right there because if you’re a newbie or you’re beginner you don’t know how to use this platform it would be helpful to have step-by-step instructional videos on how to do that. And lastly I think this is the biggest miss of all is that the ow nproduct creator does not use his own platform okayhe’s using warriorplus to promote his own product which I find kind of ironic because you think about a company like Digital kickstart okay Mark Thompson has created a product called Paykickstart now Paykickstart is used by a lot of marketers to promote their products as well as to manage their affiliates and Digitalkickstart themselves use Paykickstart okay so they they are literally putting their money where their mouth is and saying that our platform works we use it ourselves okay so I hope you found this review to be helpful if you did give it a thumbs up

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